Monday, April 2, 2012

Beware of Boston

OK well I will get this out in the beginning and say that lasts night performance was not a terrible one as we only lost 2-1, but I can definitely say that it was not nearly good enough. With the exception of two separate 5 minutes stretches, I thought we looked lethargic, Slow, old, and many other words I will refrain from using.. We came out early in the game like we were shot out of a cannon, skating hard, hitting, getting good shots off, and even scored an early goal albeit off a lucky bounce, not to take away from the finish. I thought we ended the game on a great pace as well, had amazing urgency and determination, the ice definitely flipped to the Boston end for the last 5, with the exception of the last 40 seconds when we could not assert ourselves to get a last chance to tie it up.. I hate to say it but I have to agree with the Hockey Rodent who said on Twitter post game, " All the Hustle, all the Scrambling that we saw NYR do at the end.... where was that hustle in P2 and P3? SHAMEFUL EFFORT." I dont' always, in fact really never agree with the way the Rodent sees the game as he is very negative, but I have to agree here..

Just a little bit on some of the players. I thought Mac played a sub par game, he made a few pinches that really put some of his forwards in bad spots, and really didn't do much on the back end. Dan G is showing some serious signs of wear, both physical and more importantly mental. I know what he was trying to do on the play that lead to Bergeron's goal, but during a PK, you just can't afford to do that unless you are 100% sure.. I hope torts gives him a night or two off leading up to the playoffs assuming we clinch here in the next game or Pitt helps us out.. Artie has to bury that shot that TT saved late in the game, he has to lift that up. Mitchell had a few great chances and wasn't able to convert, BR played a bit slower then he has all month, and Hags is basically insignificant lately, scoring 1 point in his last 7 games and 2 goals in the last 15 games... Simply put, not good enough to be on the first line...

I want to throw something out there that I think should be thought about come playoff time.. I know the lines have been doing fairly well  as of late with the exception of last night, but I think we need to look further into who plays with who starting either the 11th or 12th... Here is what I think need to happen..

Cally-Gabby-BR ---- I think that gabby and BR need a bit of grit on this line to help them down low and be there for some physical play in case that happens, and we know it will in the playoffs.. Cally skill level has improved on a nightly basis it seems and I think he would be an awesome fit with those two...

Step-Dubi-Hags----  Hags would bring some much needed speed to that lineup, a guy who can be creative and get to open areas for shots.. With Dubi really improving and playing better nightly, he Step and Hags could be a great combo..

Boyle-Prust-AA---- Makes this line tough with Boyle and Prust and somewhat skilled with AA... I think this is the ideal 3rd line, two centermen just in case one gets kicked out, AA has really become a solid two way player, and we know what wee get out of the other two..

Mitchell(or anyone else)-Rupp-Feds-- Don't really need to say much about this line, it would be nice if they chip in with something here and there... I think Torts has a man crush or a bromance with John Mitchell..

So boys, lets take care of business on Tuesday night against Philly and call it a division... I think we will all find out if as they all say they don't care about the standings or pay attention to it, if that is in fact true. If we clinch do we sit a few guys to get them as close to 100% as possible? Or do we go for the president's trophy as if we win out its ours?? Those are the questions...

The magic number now is 16... That's the number we need to focus on, win one and then we lower that number... GO NYR......

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